Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The SUN is out! What shall we do?

Climb trees, of course.
Walk, skip and sing our way through the woods.
Find a trail we have not been down before.
Search for really great sticks and rocks.
Throw sticks and rocks, kick sticks and rocks, forget where we dropped sticks and rocks.
Listen, smell and see.
Hug a tree, of course.
Hunt mushrooms-wrong time of year-frogs and unknown lake monsters from the deep.
Watch geese land and ducks run across the water, squirrels scurrying up trees, and jays yelling about everything.
Admire the trees, of course, especially the ancient cedar.
And maybe get stung by a bee-wrong time of year too?
Laugh, love, run, sing, and just be.
Time together, memories.

When the sun comes out in the Pacific Northwest normal stuff stops.
Life stops.
Or does it begin?

What shall we do?
Find a trail and a wood. Walk or run.
Soak up the vitamin D.
And climb a tree, of course.

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