Saturday, April 25, 2015

in honor of a birthday...

As the little munchkin turns twelve this weekend, I thought it appropriate that I share a poem I wrote about him years ago.  

Answer me this, why do they have to grow up so fast? It's so cliche and I really try not to say it to moms with young kids and honestly I didn't feel it when older moms said it to me. Or in the dead of night for all those years. Or all those years of tying shoes, buttoning pants, brushing teeth. Or all those "eating" challenges...oh wait, I still have those.

But now that we face the "other side," I'm grieving a little. Is that weird? 

August 23, 2009

Good morning, son.
Sitting so close to me I can barely write.
Sneezing, sleeping eyes, 
little blonde, fuzzy head, hairs ticking my nose.
Talk, talk, talk, bless you,
talking about boy stuff...
video games and soccer,
army stuff and dreams,
food and climbing trees.
How many more years of morning snuggles will I 
have with you? bless you.
bless you again
Let's not start our day 
just yet.
What do you want to do today?
Um, I dunno, mommy. What do you want to do?
Anything, son, as long as it starts with morning snuggles.

Where's your sister?
in bed...her light was on
but I saw her eyes were closed.

Hmmm, who turned her light on?
I dunno mom. Maybe she did.
She likes her light on, mama.

bless you again.

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