Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kindle Countdown Deal...

For My People .99 cents for 1 more day

For My People on Kindle

I have loved this whole self-publishing process. Well, most of it. That will maybe be a blog post for another day. 

But marketing myself, now that is not my thing. Not at all. Not a tiny bit. 

I guess I feel like if you want to read my book, do, and I hope you enjoy it and will let me know what you thought. If you don't, then don't read it. No skin off my back. I get that reading isn't everyone's "thing" and Historical Fiction isn't either. In fact, it took a long time for Mike to read the book. But he's a non-fiction reader. He reads all day long, boring articles about government policy issues like transportation and environmental stuff. I can ask Mike anything about current events. He will know what I'm talking about, know both sides and be able to share his (most often) expert opinion. No wonder it took him so long to read For My People. It's not his thing.

Which leads me to one more point. I feel like every time I post something on social media to remind folks about my book (like now about the Kindle Countdown Deal) I feel like I'm giving my friends and family a guilt trip. Seriously. Every time a paper copy sells, I feel like I need to call my mom just to make sure she isn't the one who bought it...again!

In all honesty, thank you, to everyone (especially you, mom!) who has supported me along the way and read the book. I appreciate you. I am very humbled by all of you.

And I will work on this "marketing myself" thing. I would like to continue writing this story. There is so much more to tell...

But first, I want to hear what folks thought of it, especially if there's something that I need to work on. So grab a copy (but only if you haven't already) and drop me a note when you're done. On Goodreads, here on my blog or on Amazon. 

I would love to hear from you! 
Until then...

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