Thursday, May 21, 2015

reflections on the EFA 2014/2015...

The Ennis Family Academy

Another year is gone, whew. 
Wait...what? Where did it go?
Why does that always happen?
Why is it that a day seemed to drag on like a year when I was 14 & now that I'm not 14 the years are slipping through my fingers?

As I sit here pondering the above question, I am thankful for...

Latin & World History because it truly is amazing how a dead language & people/events of the past have an impact on life today, seriously;
Epiphanies in Algebra, those who know me well understand when I say, this I am truly thankful for;
Finding things on the map, as in, "I don't know where the heck that is, go look it up on the map for crying out loud!"
Bible History & Current Events, they go together...for real;
Really crazy adventures we call Physical Education;
Cooking Classes also known as Making Lunch;
Character Studies- Who the heck is Plutarch anyway? And how can it be that he can have such an impact on my family...especially our reading ability?
Shakespeare in character, ha, this is a fun one;
Wacky hair day, hot dog lunches & foam sword battles at our family co-op;
Grammar & Family History & Recitation & Nature Study;
Okay, maybe not Grammar so much, to be honest let's just switch that out with Classic Books.

All that stuff is great. But as I am still pondering that above question about NOT being 14, here are some of the really important things...

School around the kitchen table with a mess of snacks & cups & lots of coffee & relaxing music on Pandora, second to last being vital to survival;
taking breaks to jump on the trampoline, sometimes long ones;
doing school in our PJ's or by the fire when it's cold or outside when the sun came out;
sharpening all the pencils in the house in the middle of the day because not a good one could be found...not anywhere;
Getting frustrated with Science & throwing the book;
Getting frustrated with Latin & throwing the book at a sibling; 
Taking another break to pound on the piano or the snare drum or nicely on the cello;
Reading a book like Pilgrim's Progress or Oliver Twist with a yappy puppy which is irritating & annoying...also something to enjoy & laugh about;
Making banana bread midday, sometimes a necessity.
And field trips! To a museum in downtown Seattle or Olympia to see dad or...even to the grocery store. Wait a second!!

Completing 9th grade & 6th grade with my children has been a gift, something I will treasure for the rest of my life. A gift to my children. A gift of time, of undivided attention, of learning together.
Yes, sometimes I want to pull my hair out, hide in the closet, run away.
But even on our worst, moodiest, grumpiest, messiest days we are still together, learning together and working things out together.

And that, my friends, I would not give up for the world.

To my teacher friends in the trenches, which is a rough place to be this time of year; keep your chins up and make a difference, one kid at a time.

To my fellow homeschool mamas; you also, keep your chins up & take a moment to yourself to breathe & to be thankful.

To my old counselor friends if any of you are even seeing straight enough to read this post; remember to pee & eat! HA! Remember that?!

A Side Note:
Some of you have asked me what school looks like at the EFA. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

I will never tell if this is a Science lesson on Classification, a hike for PE or a We-Need-A-Break-From-The-House day.

Nevermind, it was all of the above.

And I will hang my head, just a little, and say that sometimes school looks like this. Meet, Master Chukahagee.

Sometimes like this.

Most often school looks like this!

Postscript (if interested):
Classics Read this Year & Awarded Stars by Cam & Collin

Huckleberry Finn (*****), Pilgrim's Progress (****, ***** we could not agree), Oliver Twist (still working on, it is a challenging read)

Gone with the Wind (*****), Ivanhoe (****) & Tale of Two Cities (*****)--Gone with the Wind was Cam's favorite.

The Hobbit (*****), Swiss Family Robinson (****), Treasure Island (****) & Call of the Wild (****)--Collin insists that his favorite is Eragon, not one of these for school. :)

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