Friday, October 23, 2015

a not so normal day...

It is true. I am letting myself feel guilty.

I know this is a dangerous trap that we moms all too often fall into. A trap that encompasses not only our well being, but the well being of our families. So...I will try to push that worthless worry aside for good, or, at least for now.

I WILL not feel guilty. Dang it. 

Here is why I may or may not have that worthless, pesky feeling come in and out of my life right now.

We, as in the Ennis Family Academy, have not had a "normal" school day in weeks. Quite honestly (if this is even the place to be honest) maybe not all year. By "normal" day I mean a day when we actually complete the schedule I have made for that day in particular. Whatever that may include. I don't know about you all, but my daily expectations are pretty simplistic, not much. They are only filled with dreams of teaching my kids to cook; balance the budget; go for a nice, refreshing hike in the mountains; while, of course, covering the 3 R's, including Latin and French.

Shoot, okay, you CAN call me crazy.

I blame the fact that our house in the on the market, and has been since September 2nd. I don't know, it could be affecting me. I am losing a handful of hair a day. No kidding.

I hate this house showing thing. Not only are the visits by prospective buyers invasive and annoying, but for a homeschool mom who cannot, CANNOT, fit school into a box to leave in a hurry it's downright insanity. 


We have gotten really good at throwing things into bags. I just wish I had a sign for the door that reads, "Recently evacuated by crazy homeschool mom who is not sure what she left behind, so watch out."

Or quite possibly I could blame my near breakdown on something else...ya'll remember how much I love maps. Well, the maps are not and, I have been told, cannot be on the walls while we are trying to sell the house. 


Why, oh why? 

Tell me, if you were walking through a house that you were considering purchasing and saw maps all over one (or two) wall(s) in the dining room, what would you think? 

Wait, doesn't everyone have maps in the dining room?

Another reason, some may call silly, is I pride myself in ready sharpened pencils and quality pens in boxes all around our house. It took me two years to realize how important it is to have a sharp pencil when you need one. Am I right?

I am proud to say you will never be in need of a pen or pencil or Sharpie in this house! 

Except for right now. Apparently, to some, that is considered "clutter."

It is enough to drive a woman insane.

I cannot even function. First the maps, then the pencil boxes. What will it be next, the Keurig? God forbid.

Oh...I am so stressed out.

Here is a picture of May...just because she makes me happy.

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