Friday, October 9, 2015

how I missed summer...

Well, it happened something like this, as told through a funky little Haiku...

School's out, iced coffee & sunshine,
all the time in the world, nowhere to be, no deadlines,
no hurry,
Oh yea, I have books I need to read,
lots of iced coffee & sunshine, still no hurry,
camping trips, hiking & relaxing,
oh crap,
Wait, it's August?
And wait, we're selling our house? That was not on the list.
Remembering those books I need to read, painting walls, yard work,
cleaning windows, boxing all our crap up, curriculum planning,
time to buy school supplies before they're all gone,
August 2nd.
Moving? A trip to TX to visit family? When does school start again?
Teaching? Homeschooling?
Still reading those books, they seem to be getting longer,
no time,
August 5th.
I think I am losing my mind.

What happened to my plans of writing & blogging & dreaming & reading books for fun? What about my plans for all those hikes & playing the piano again & being that ultra-prepared homeschool mom & visiting that old friend?

Summer happened.
Or life.
Life just happens sometimes.

Some pictures for your enjoyment.

Some crazy animal I found in TX
Here's another one

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