Sunday, October 18, 2015

what are Saturday's for...

I love this kid. Mud, rain and wind make soccer games more interesting, or so he says.

In the Pacific Northwest Saturdays are for hot coffee, rain gear and soccer games. 

Who's with me?

Only a true Washingtonian will understand this, but seriously, soccer season starts out with iced coffee and sunshine. No kidding. Soccer moms walking and talking, taking in a little sun at the same time. You can still catch the season's best summer dresses swaying in the warm breeze of early fall. Which, I might add, is my favorite time of year. 

Then there's days like yesterday when even the Mountain is still in bed and soccer moms all over the PNW say screw it to looking beautiful anymore and don head to toe waterproof gear and ginormous, dangerous umbrella-weapons. Some Saturdays it's a say-no-to-coffee game, because it's just so dang hard to hold the weapon and a cup of coffee at the same time. 

Then by November there are only a few hardcore soccer moms left. The rest of us are sitting in the car with coffee...and the car running. 

I'm really not complaining.

I know there will be a day when I miss this. 

But for now, at this point in my life, Saturdays are for soccer games. 

And also coffee. 

And Big Mac's on the way home. I may always look back fondly at the ride home; the smell of a Big Mac, fries and one stinky, wet boy.

Tell me, what is better than that on a Saturday afternoon?

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