about me

Hello there, my friend, thank you for stopping by.

I hope you find encouragement and love here. We are all walking the same road, and life is better walked together.

Things I love:
Reading, writing, coffee, and my dogs.

Not so much:
Cold weather, crowds, and conflict of any kind.

I have some official letters behind my name (when I want to list them), which just means I understand education and sometimes know what I'm talking about.

I am a former Guidance Counselor. Wow, was that a ride; I miss it sometimes. For the last ten+ years I have been teaching my own kids from home and others at our homeschool co-op.

I love history, especially of the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, I have written and self published (through the help of some pretty awesome and much smarter than me people), a story about the Columbia River as told through the eyes of people who may have lived there.

I'm working on the sequel...sometimes.

I live in a small town in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. Yes, it rains here, but it's green and alive, and we deal with the mushiness because of it.

No, I don't use an umbrella when it rains. If it's actually what Washingtonians call rain, that's what hoods are for. All other rain is tolerable and feels good on the face.

Yes, I dress in layers. Don't you? I may have also worn socks and sandals.

Yes, coffee from the PNW is superior to all others. Sorry.

Yes, I can often see salt water and mountains on the same drive, and I am sad for those who can't.

By the way, Mt. Rainier and the Columbia River will henceforth just be referred to as MY mountain and MY river.

I am a follower of Jesus. I gave my life to him as a kid at Vacation Bible School, and every day of my life since. Of course, I have walked away from Him at times in my life, but I always find my way back.

And thankfully, He always takes me back.

Throughout my adult life, I have sought AND found peace in the book of Psalms. So, the Lord put it on my heart to write and share my thoughts on each of the chapters. It's a huge undertaking. But I am determined. Mostly because when God asks you to do something, you'd better just do it.

But also because I am excited to see what He has planned.

Follow along.
Laugh with me.
Learn with me.
Love with me.

Millie, my sweet and slightly dopey Labrador lap dog.